The best strip lighting you can get, with service and support to match.

LED strip lighting is a gift for owners of retail malls and outlets, hotels, bars and restaurants, theatres and museums, exclusive residences – indeed any setting which demands a stunning impression.

Also known as tape or ribbon, strip lights offer infinite creativity in a vast array of applications, from practical waymarking to opulent lighting effects that soothe, excite or inspire.

Clients love our no quibble, 5-year warranty on every product we sell. They know it’s a reflection of our absolute commitment to highest quality, reliability and value in all we do.

Why choose Almani Lighting

Complete service from design and supply to installation
Highest quality, greatest value
Outstanding quality control from start to finish
Standard or bespoke: it’s always your choice!
Committed to cleaner, greener, more cost effective lighting


Lighting excellence – a 5-year warranty on every product
Saving energy costs day after day
Great range of designs
Excellent design flexibility
The ultimate long-life lighting solution

If you need budget-priced, quality alternatives with a helpful choice of warranties, visit our CamelLED catalogue now!

timeLifespan powerPower kelvinKelvin lumensLumens
Aluminum Profile

Aluminum Profile IP20 AL-SL-1066

Starts at:
10.46 AED
time0 hrs
power Watts
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Bexbach IP20/65/67/68 AL-SL-1019

Starts at:
37.24 AED
time50.000 hrs
power12 – 20 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6000
lumens1080 – 1825
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Grimmen IP20/65/67/68 AL-SL-1234

Starts at:
51.42 AED
time50.000 hrs
power14 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6000
lumens1200 – 1300
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Erbach IP20/65/68 AL-SL-1168

Starts at:
58.82 AED
time50.000 hrs
power14 Watts
lumens1260 – 1530
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Dieburg IP20/65/67/68 AL-SL-1018

Starts at:
41.44 AED
time40.000 hrs
power4 – 18 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6000
lumens360 – 1640
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Daaden IP20/65/67/68 AL-SL-1017

Starts at:
40.49 AED
time50.000 hrs
power5 – 22 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6000
lumens450 – 2000
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Our catalog is constantly being updated with exciting and innovative LED products, so please visit these pages frequently to see what's new. And of course, should you want a unique solution you can rest assured that our skilled designers are always on hand to create the exact LED products you required.

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