Kandern is an LED downlight with 3 heads. It consists of exceptional LED chips of Citizen. Steel and aluminum alloy are the materials used in Kandern and each of its head can be adjusted 30° horizontally and vertically.

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Technical Data Summary

Power (W) : 21
LED Chip : Citizen
Lumen (lm) : 2100
Efficiency (lm/W) : 100
CRI (Ra) : 80
Voltage (V) : 100-240 V
Dim Options : DALI
Beam Angle (°) : 36
Material : Aluminium and Steel
Finish : White/Black
IP : 20
Installation : Recessed
Lifespan (h) : 50,000
LED Driver : External
Dim Lumen (lm) : 2100
Horizontal Rotation (°) : 30
Vertical Rotation (°) : 30
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AL-DO-1136-1A AL-DO-1136-1A
Power: 21 (W)
CCT: 3000(K)
Efficiency: 100(Lm/W)
CRI: ≥80
MOQ: 50 pcs
Non-Dim 2100(Lm)
Dim Lm. 2100(Lm)
Size 316x118x89
Cutout 303x106
3 heads (3x7W)
Beam Angles
1190.35AED Warranty: 5 yrs Add to List Enquire Request Datasheet Request Technical Files
Price note: Our prices include delivery to your site in Dubai. For any other destinations, please contact us. Delivery note: In UAE, stocked items can be delivered within a maximum of 48 hours. 6 – 10 weeks delivery time, after order confirmation, will apply for items not in stock. Faster delivery options are available upon request. Payment terms: For items delivered within UAE, a 50% down payment is required upon order confirmation. The remaining 50% have to be paid before delivery. For items delivered outside UAE, a 100% down payment is required upon order confirmation. Minimum Order Quantity (M.O.Q.): For Led Lights not in stock, please check our M.O.Q. in the table above. Warranty: Depending on the LED product and specifications, different warranty periods (2 up to 5 Years) will be provided. Please check in the table above for each product individually.
Color temperature (Kelvin) note: The color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K). The color temperature of a LED light describes how the light appears when the human eye looks directly at the illuminated LED source. Please consider the following information when selecting the color output of your led light: 2700K – 3300K = Warm White When the desired lighting effect is "warm"/revitalizing, use light sources in the 2700K - 3000K range. The light ranges from orange to yellow-white in appearance.
Best for: Living room, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, restaurants/commercial, ambient lighting, decorative outdoor lighting.
3300K – 5300K = Cool White When the desired effect is neutral or bright white, use light sources in the 3000K - 3500K range. For a slightly bluer, "cooler" effect use 4000K.
Best for: Basements, garages, work environments, task lighting, bathrooms.
5300K – 8000K+ = Daylight Daylight color temperature at noon is 5600K, but sunlight color temperature can vary widely based on time of day and weather conditions. To give the perception of daylight (bluish white light), use light sources with a color temperature of 5000K or higher.
Best for: Display areas, security lighting, garages, task lighting.
Lumen note: The lumen measures the strength of the light as it is perceived by the human eye. The higher the lumen metric, the stronger & brighter the light achieved. A lower lumen achieves a less intense light output.
Color rendering index (CRI) note: CRI is determined by comparing light sources of the same color temperature against a reference source (e.g. the sun) with a CRI of 100. The difference between the light reflected by the reference source and the light reflected by the test source provides the numeric CRI. This value is a measurement of how "realistic" or "natural" colors look under a light source. To most eyes, the closer the CRI value is to 100, the better the colors will appear under it.
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