Beautiful, energy-efficient illumination for pools, ponds, fountains and water features.

Our top quality underwater lights give superb illumination that’s safe, durable – and of course, extremely energy efficient.

Unlike their halogen ancestors, LED lights create almost no heat, so there’s never a danger to swimmers or to the plants and animals in ornamental ponds.

Of course, Almani’s LED underwater lights each come with our cast-iron, 5-year warranty, for your complete peace of mind.

Why choose Almani Lighting

Outstanding quality and value
Exceptional quality control from start to finish
Products and service tailored just for you
Colour changeable lights
Zero tolerance for defects


Superb range to choose from
Highly efficient and long-lasting
Up to 90% savings in energy costs
Maximum energy efficiency
Deep Underwater Resistant

Looking for lower priced alternatives that still deliver on quality, practicality and longevity? Our CamelLED catalogue is the place to be!

timeLifespan powerPower kelvinKelvin lumensLumens

Bensheim IP68 AL-UW-1199

Starts at:
309.38 AED
time50.000 hrs
power1.5 Watts
kelvin0 – 6000
lumens90 – 95
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Berching IP68 AL-UW-1200

Starts at:
664.59 AED
time50.000 hrs
power5 – 7 Watts
kelvin0 – 6000
lumens300 – 600
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Berching 2

Berching 2 IP68 AL-UW-1201

Starts at:
744.80 AED
time50.000 hrs
power9 Watts
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Friesack 2

Friesack 2 IP68 AL-UW-1203

Starts at:
1535.44 AED
time50.000 hrs
power18 Watts
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Friesack IP68 AL-UW-1202

Starts at:
1489.61 AED
time50.000 hrs
power12 – 18 Watts
kelvin3000 – 6000
lumens800 – 1500
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Our catalog is constantly being updated with exciting and innovative LED products, so please visit these pages frequently to see what's new. And of course, should you want a unique solution you can rest assured that our skilled designers are always on hand to create the exact LED products you required.

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